HOBES spol. s.r.o.

Galvanization plant

Electrogalvanizing is an electrochemical deposition of a chosen metal onto a conducting material.

In our case it’s a zinc coating process that means that we put a coat of zinc on a conducting material (iron), this coat is usually around 8-12μm. The coat of zinc on the material works as a prevention from its rusting. It can improve its appearance and aesthetical value.

The galvanizing process is composed of a several of processes:

Grease removal, bating, coat removing, zinc application, chromatizing, sealing, drying.

Rinsing is done between individual processes.

Chromatizing means that we create an immunizing coat on the zinc coat that will protect the product from corrosion even better. We use a thin-layer of blue immunizing coat with sealing. This immunizing coats is without sexivalent chrome.

We offer :

free capacity on swinging brackets and tumblers

the swinging bracket is 2m x 1m. and the maximal burden of the tumbler is 50kg depending on the kind of product with the minimal part size of 5mm.