Doors and frames

Steel frames

Manufactured assortment of steel frames:

classic door frames - square profile without half-groove for sealing

for masonry Z

for masonry round ZO

for precise masonry YZ

for plasterboard masonry S

classic door frames - square profile with half-groove for sealing

for masonry with ZT sealing

for precise masonry with YZT seal

for plasterboard masonry with ST seal

facing two-frame door frames in the design


Safety RC3

Other informations

Offer of additional assortment


Steel doors

Steel doors - assortment offer:

With half groove - thickness 43 mm - single wing

Non-rebated design - thickness 43 mm, 53 mm or 63 mm - single or double wing

Surcharges for all types of doors:

Sale of steel doors according to the customer's wishes.
Fire doors and shutters certified by the Mendel University in Brno - Test room for construction and joinery products.


door frames + doors

Manufacturing plant in Vracov

Průmyslová 1764

696 42 Vracov

Petr Sádovský

Production and sale of HOBES door frames

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