Parts for the automotive industry

Production equipment for the automotive industry

The production of moldings for the automotive industry is mainly carried out on fully automated progressive presses Heilbronn 2200, PME 1000, PME 2500, PME 4000, PME 5000.

We have a degreasing and cleaning machine WIR 4H/OSK, on which we pre-treat parts for welding.

Circular dryer RT 250 Euro – oil removal using corn.

Welding is performed on an equipment supplied by DesignWeld s.r.o., we have six welding pneumatic welding presses – type DW-WPM 130 MF + control stations to ensure 100% patency of the nut or screw thread.





Resistance welding and thread control

Product range, options, services provided

According to the specific requirements of the customer (3D data of the part, drawing documentation with tolerances, standards or other data) we create layout of the tool, process the structural design of tools and fixtures, manufacture the tool in our own tool shop, debug it, and start production on our pressing lines. Then we degrease or grind the parts. We are able to weld the joining materials (screws, nuts, pins, mandrels) and in the end we pack the product according to the customer’s prescription.

We automatically perform 3D part quality control, patterning (PPAP), weld joint strength tests, torsion tests or other tests according to the submitted requirements.

Quality control

For reliable deliveries, it is necessary to carry out a highly professional and high-quality inspection. That is why we are equipped with a CNC 3D measuring machine Wenzel LH 87, on which our technicians perform quality control.

Automotive industry reference


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