Engineering production

Engineering production was fully introduced in 2012, when we moved the newly acquired technologies – a die-cutting and bending press, a robotic welding line with suction and a powder coating line into newly built production hall.

In 2019 a shipping hall was built for the storage of finished products with welding certification ČSN EN ISO 3834-2.

As in the entire company, in this production we also comply with the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 certification standards.

The quality of the services offered is evidenced by long-term satisfied cooperation with our key partners, which are both domestic, foreign and multinational companies.

We design the entire production process according to the customer’s individual requirements and the supplied documents.

In serial production, we ship from the agreed emergency supply and we are also able to deliver according to Just-In-Time principles, so that the delivery date of parts is as short as possible for the customer.

Manufacturing operations performed

Production premises

A new hall of 1,600 m² of production area connected to the existing area is dedicated for engineering production.


Production facilities

Punching presses


sheet size 2500x1250mm, pressing force 22 tons up to a sheet thickness of 8 mm


30 tons pressing head and large-format table for sheet dimensions 1500×4000 mm up to 8 mm thick

Bending presses

We bend blank parts into shapes on hydraulic press brakes:


up to a length of 3000 mm and a pressing force of 120 tons


4000 mm long with a bending force of 320 tons


up to a length of 3778 mm with a bending force of 230 tons


Manual welding

Manual welding hall is equipped with MIG/MAG welding technology, LORCH S5 SPEEDPULSE pulse welding source and manual plasma source. The welding boxes are fully ventilated.

Automated welding workplace

Motoman welding robot with two fixed tables and one positioner, fully extracted with three hoods.

Other production equipment

Handheld resistance welding source

welding of nuts and joints

Column magnetic drill

drilling and tapping

Resistance welding of studs

Welding range 3 – 13 mm for steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel


pressing of nuts and bolts into sub-assemblies, production of parts – pressing and bending operations

Handling equipment

Production range

One-piece, customized, repeatable series production

Typical products

Surface treatments according to customer requirements


Marek Koraba

Key Account Manager

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